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TESLA – AEW x Focus Movienight

27 May 2024Focus Filmtheater Arnhem19.00 / 7:00 PM

As part of the Arnhem Electricity Week 2024, Focus Filmtheater, in collaboration with Inscience and the Electricity Week, will screen two films with accompanying programs. On Monday, May 27th, the film Tesla will be shown. Following the screening, there will be a conversation with Peter Vaessen, part-time professor and head of the high voltage group at TU Delft.

TESLA, depicting the story of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, who is considered the spiritual father of the modern electrical grid and namesake of the luxury electric car.

Nikola Tesla (played by Ethan Hawke) fights a tough battle to bring his new invention to fruition. Disgruntled by the greed of his rival, Thomas Edison, he works on an alternating current generator and motor.

As a European, he struggles to adapt to America, where the industrial revolution is still in its infancy and where intellectual property hides many pitfalls. The film follows Tesla’s uneasy interactions with his fellow inventor Thomas Edison (played by Kyle MacLachlan) and his benefactor George Westinghouse (played by Jim Gaffigan). Another thread follows Tesla’s approach to the financial titan J.P. Morgan (played by Donnie Keshawarz), whose daughter Anne (played by Eve Hewson) is more than casually interested in the inventor.

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