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Networking event 10 years SEECE

May 27, 2024IPKW12:00 to 15:30 PM

For 10 years, SEECE (Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise) has been working on a reliable and affordable sustainable energy supply, and we are celebrating this milestone with existing and new partners.

To reflect on the past but primarily to look forward. And to share SEECE‘s redefined strategic direction. The increasing urgency of the energy transition and the growing complexity of the playing field demand strengthening and expanding the reciprocal collaboration that SEECE stands for.

To achieve a collaboration focused on the transition to a sustainable and reliable energy system and the necessary transitions in:

  • learning & development
  • technology
  • and societal collaboration.

The energy transition is far from over, so we need each other even more in the future.

The kickoff will be provided by Rob Verhofstad, chairman of the Executive Board of HAN University of Applied Sciences, and a keynote will be delivered by Paul Schenderling (economist, writer, and speaker).

Paul advises and writes about social and ecological issues from an economic perspective. His goal is a happier Netherlands that lives within the Earth’s carrying capacity.

This event is in Dutch and on invitation only.

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