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Masterclass Safe Deployment of Battery Technology (in Dutch)

31 May 2024IPKW

The deployment of battery technology is experiencing a tremendous acceleration. This is necessary because battery technology plays a crucial role in the success of the energy transition. However, the scaling up is now leading to new challenges...

The battery technologies being used pose various electrical and fire safety risks. And as is typical in transitions, the laws and regulations prescribing how safe application should be carried out are still in full development. As a result, we are sharing ‘stories’ with each other about what is allowed/not allowed and what should be taken into account.

Connectr – Energy innovation and the Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE) are organizing, together with the University of Twente, Mlab Testing, Vigleco, and the Dutch Institute for Public Safety (NIPV), a masterclass on these safety issues. The goal: to move from opinions and stories about safety surrounding battery technology to facts and objective information.

Tickets available soon!

Note: This masterclass is in Dutch.

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