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SOLARSTRATOS – AEW x Focus Movienight ||

28 May 2024Focus Filmtheater19.00 / 7:00 PM

On Tuesday, May 28th, as part of the Arnhem Electricity Week 2024, Focus Filmtheater, in collaboration with Inscience, will present the remarkable documentary Solarstratos. This documentary showcases a futuristic project aimed at radically transforming and sustainable aviation. After the movie the HAN Solarboat shares its experiences. It's a project by HAN University students racing nationally and internationally.

An introduction or a discussion will accompany the screening. Our planet is in a state of ecological neglect. We are aware of the profound consequences of global warming. It is not a question of whether an energy transition should take place, but how it should take shape and the technological and societal challenges it presents.

Aviation is one of the sectors where the need for sustainability is loudly heard. SolarStratos is the futuristic project led by Raphaël Domjan. This eco-adventurer and pioneer aims to develop an aircraft capable of sending people into the stratosphere solely powered by solar energy. To bring this hopeful project to fruition, Domjan has assembled a group of driven and talented engineers, technicians, and scientists from around the world. Technological boundaries must be pushed to design, build, and make airworthy such a unique aircraft.

Many months of intensive research and development are needed to tackle these challenges and usher in a new era.

The HAN Solarboat team is giving a presentation after the movie about their experiences and adventures. The HAN Solarboat is a boat that runs on solar energy. This boat is worked on by enthusiastic students from various programs at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and other educational institutions, as well as professionals from Qconcepts Design & Engineering. The HAN Solarboat participates in both national and international races, such as the Dutch Solarboat Championship in Akkrum and the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.

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