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Creative Arnhem x Energy: Community Lab session II

Monday 27th MayAct Eventstudios | Industriepark Kleefse Waard14:00 - 16:00

Hey creative! Join us for the second CxE CommunityLab session during Arnhem Electricity Week. Meet, learn about the projects and explore your possibilities.

Creative Arnhem (CA) promotes the connectedness, strength, and innovation of Arnhem’s creative industry. It represents industry associations and organized creative clusters such as HE-IPKW and Fashion Partners 025. CA drives the innovative power of Arnhem’s creative professionals and focuses on design power with social impact. The Creative x Energy (CxE) program accelerates the energy transition with ongoing innovation projects, including:

– Fillip Studios x Alliander: Collaboration on energy innovation issues.
– Creative x Green Carbon Factory: Improving BioChar plant design.
– Creative x Energy Demo Field: Optimization of an energy demo field for greater flexibility and collaboration.

The CommunityLab within CxE promotes new collaborations and meetings between creative and energy professionals, all supported by the Municipality of Arnhem.

The program

  1. Community Lab session II: Action!

We welcome you to our second Creative x Energy Community Lab session, in the middle of Arnhem’s Energy hotspot Industriepark Kleefse Waard.

  1. Get ready for the launch!

We officially launch the Creative x Energy program. Together with a number of partners, including the Arnhem Alderman for Economic Affairs – Nermina Kundić and board members IPKW, Connectr, Alliander and more.

  1. Networking during Club Transition!


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